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There are 2 ways to activate the sensor.

1) Press and hold the key while the device is off. The sound sensor is activated when the beep sounds. It automatically activates when your baby cries and plays for 50 minutes. At the end of 50 minutes it stops. It is activated automatically when the baby cries again.

2)After turning on the device with a button, it will start playing for 50 minutes.

You can also get help from our video where we show how the product works.

Yes. You can turn the volume up and down by pressing and holding the key while the device is on.

We recommend that you replace the batteries. Generally, battery-related problems can occur. We check our devices before we send them to you. If you change the battery, it will be fixed.

We recommend Budizzz for babies aged 0-3 years. It works in 80% of babies. It then accompanies your baby as a sleeping companion.

Also, it is suitable for adults for meditation purposes.

Budizzz was developed by a parent to help you enjoy your baby's first time to the fullest and ensure that he/she falls into a sound sleep in a short time. Newborns and colic babies feel the environment in the womb again thanks to white noise. It helps 80% of babies sleep by making 4 different white noises, slap and lullaby sounds (mummy ambiance, heartbeat white noise, sea wave, blow dryer, slap and lullaby). Later, Budizzz accompanies your baby as a sleeping companion as he grows up. The best part is that it does not emit radiation like the cell phones commonly used for white noise.

Budizzz is handcrafted from antibacterial Velboa fabric, which is soft and most importantly safe for your baby. After removing the device inside, you can wash the plush teddy bear at 30 degrees. We also have certificates related to this subject.

Works with 3 thin pen batteries.

Orders placed before 12:00 are delivered to the cargo on the same day. Orders received after 12:00 will be shipped the next day. We provide domestic shipping. When the cargo company makes a transaction, you will receive the tracking number information via sms.

The teddy bear is 25 cm. It is half the size of a newborn baby, as recommended by doctors.

It is stated that white noise above

85 decibels may cause permanent problems in hearing and speaking in children. According to the advice of doctors, the white noise sound level should be below 50 decibels.

Considering that you are very busy during the day, we always think about how you can make your life easier with Budizzz. We have designed the device to be as simple as possible. After putting the batteries inside the device and placing the device in the Budizz head, you don't have to remove it every time you want to increase/decrease the volume, change the volume or activate the sensor; When the batteries need to be replaced or you want to wash your Budizz, you just have to take it out and put it back in.

While listening to your baby's first heartbeat in the womb, you will hear a hum accompanying those sounds. Babies live with that hum until they are born. When they are born, they come to a different environment and are deprived of the hum they are accustomed to. Here, white noise makes them re-live the sound ensemble they are used to and enables them to regain their old peaceful and happy environment. It helps your baby, who says hello to life, to adapt to his new life. Experts recommend that newborn babies be put to sleep with this sound in the first months. Because white noise is the most effective sound that can reflect the hum in the womb. It calms the baby and gives him a sense of peace. As white noise; we can name it as sea wave, blow dryer sound, vacuum cleaner sound, wind sound, rain sounds. This collection of sounds has the ability to mute (mask) other sounds behind it. Thus, it makes it possible for babies and even adults to sleep comfortably.

Scientists began to wonder how white noise helps people calm down, focus, or fall asleep. Studies on the effect of white noise have continued for years. One study showed that about 80% of newborns fall asleep within 5 minutes in a white noise environment, and only 20% are able to fall asleep in a quiet environment. (source:

Correct Sound Level:
The sound level should not exceed 50 decibels, equivalent to falling rain or shower noise.

Sound Source:
It should not be directly connected to the child's ear. The sound source should be kept at least 15-20 cm away from the child and should not be used for a long time.

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