Everything you need for your baby’s sleep hygiene!


Give yourself and your loved ones the giftof sleep with Budizzz, all parents' favorite.

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  • Uyku arkadaşı ve uyku yardımcısı cihaz bir arada
  • 10 farklı ses seçeneği
  • Maskeleme özelliği
  • Zamanlayıcı
  • Gece lambası
  • Askı aparatı
  • Şarj edilebilir
  • Pışpış
  • Susher
  • Deniz dalgaları
  • Fön makinesi sesi
  • Anne rahmindeki kalp atışı
  • Beyaz gürültü
  • Pembe gürültü
  • Kahverengi gürültü
  • Fırtına sesi
  • Piyano
  • Budizzz Uyku Arkadaşı Ayıcık*1
  • Beyaz Gürültü Cihazı*1
  • USB güç kablosu *1
  • Kullanım kılavuzu *1
Better Sleep & More

White Noise Device

The power of white noise and technology! Budizzz White Noise Device is a great assistant for parents with its 10 different sound options, timer feature, night light, and ease of use. You can use the Budizzz Sleep Companion in the teddy bear or separately.


Sleeping Buddy Bear

Have you met Budizzz Bear? Our little friend is quite famous. Budizzz Bear, a favorite among tens of thousands of parents, will also conquer your baby's heart with its washable, antibacterial, and soft fabric. It is a super soft sleep companion that accompanies even newborns to sleep.


A Buddy for Everybody

  • Eases the transition to sleep for 0-3 year olds.
  • A calming sleep support in colic crises.
  • Masks the environmental sounds and helps babies to sleep uninterrupted.
  • Establishes a sleep routine for babies.
  • Sleep training support for parents.
Better Sleep & More

"The best gift for a newborn"

That's our favorite feedback: "The best baby gift I received." What do parents need most after childbirth? Sleep, personal time, an aid, and some rest...


It is all possible with Budizzz Sleep Companion, which is designed by a parent with the needs and concerns of parents in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is white noise?

White noise is a set of sounds that helps newborn babies fall asleep easily and calms them down by providing a sound similar to the sounds in the womb.

Just as white light is a combination of all the colors of different frequencies, white noise is a combination of about 20,000 sound frequencies. It is not a single sound but a collection of overlapping sounds.

Is it suitable for my baby?

Budizzz Sleep BuCompanion is suitable for 0-3 year olds. For 3+ year-olds, we recommend nurturing children's sleep habits with routines, sleep stories, and mindfulness exercises. You can check myBudizzz for children.

Can I wash the Sleep Companion?

You can wash the Budizzz Sleep Companion at 30 degrees Celsius after removing the white noise device. Do not tumble dry.

What's the size of the Budizzz teddy bear?

Safe for newborn babies, the Budizzz teddy bear is 25 cm.

Can I use the bear and the device separately?

You can use only the Budizzz teddy bear or the white noise device as a baby sleep companion.

we all sleep

better sleep and more

we all sleep

better sleep and more