About Budi💤 🐻

Being a parent takes work. No matter how many books you read or courses you take, nothing can prepare you for what’s coming. Even if it is a great blessing, raising a baby is hard, and all babies are unique. Well, that said, they all have common issues, like going to sleep and staying asleep.

When we returned home from the hospital, my husband and I were new and excited parents, only to find that putting a baby to sleep is not easy. We tried different methods we learned through reading and through courses we took and through our parents, but we stumbled upon the ultimate solution in an unexpected setting; our kitchen.

After what turned out to be another sleepless night, I was cooking with Bartu right by my side, and I started the oven hood, and my son was fast asleep. It was a miraculous “eureka” moment for me, but when I started researching, I discovered the power of white noise.

By then, I was already in the parent groups on social media and forums. I had been interacting with many other people going through the same things as me and crushing under the pressure of being the “perfect” parent. As we found out, no one has to be perfect, and there are simple solutions to big problems.


For the next 6 months, I put my son to sleep in the kitchen while talking to the experts, reading extensively about white noise and its benefits. Then I decided to share what I learned with the communities I was a part of. That’s how Budizzz was born.

Bartu’s sleeping journey became less hectic and more peaceful with his sleeping buddy, and our community has expanded to include 55.000+ other babies in 5 years, all the while proving our family bonds. Because lack of good sleep takes a toll on the  babies. It causes various problems, including depression, anxiety, and memory issues, and physically affects the body and mind.

Sleepless nights cause weight gain and body image issues. Kids reportedly have lower self-esteem, become anxious, as well as have problems focusing at school. As Bartu and our community grew up, we needed to introduce other tools to our routines.

Practicing mindfulness and meditation can improve many of the daily mental disturbances that cause stress and anxiety. However, without good sleeping habits, it still falls short.

All family members of all ages can and will benefit from sleeping routines. Kids learn to self-regulate, and adults enjoy calmer minds. And we can all do this without looking at our phone screens emitting blue light or distraction of countless electronics around us. That is why the Budizzz team came up with myBudizzz.

myBudizzz is an innovative IoT device for the entire family. It seamlessly syncs with an ever-expanding library and connects its users of all ages with their selected content created by professionals and sleep enthusiasts.

While we help sleep enthusiasts and professionals continuously share their valuable input with the world (and sharing revenues), we support the Budizzz community to build their own healthy sleep habits by fostering routines, helping create sleep patterns, and elevating their lives. Through Budizzz platforms and devices, we aim to build a calmer and happier society.

Our community also supports Koruncuk Vakfı, which is supporting kids in need, through the purchase of every device. We will keep supporting our community and babies through Budizzz’s sustainable tools.