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When your baby is born, we as parents, are both excited and letÔÇÖs admit it ÔÇô exhausted due to lack of sleep.

ThatÔÇÖs why, as a parents, we want to help other parents to be able to cherish this exciting first months by helping them to easily put their babies to sleep with Budi­čĺĄ.

Budi­čĺĄ was born together with our son, Bartu. When Bartu was born weÔÇÖve faced problems┬á of putting him to sleep ÔÇô it would take hour s until ÔÇŽ weÔÇÖve discovered that whenever aspirator in the kitchen worked he was falling asleep easily. So weÔÇÖve started to park his stroller in the kitchen under an aspirator whenever we wanted him to sleep. He spend 6 months sleeping in a kitchen ÔÇô problems were starting at nights since we wanted him to sleep in his room.┬á Calming shoushing was the one thing which made him calm within seconds. ThatÔÇÖs why weÔÇÖve decided to ÔÇťhideÔÇŁ an aspirator and similar sounds called white noise into a teddy bear. Budi­čĺĄ Bear is a first toy developed in Turkey emitting white noise as in motherÔÇÖs womb.

Let me tell you what is specific about the sounds made by an aspirator, vacuum cleaner, hair dryer etc.

In 2nd half of XX century in the maternity ward of LondonÔÇÖs hospital doctors made a test concerning influence of white noise on infants. 80% of the babies were falling asleep within 5 minutes from starting the noise machines. The sounds such as aspirator, vacuum cleaner, hair dryer are all called white noise.

White noise is a sound containing a┬áblend┬áof all the┬áaudible┬áfrequencies┬ádistributed┬áequally over the range of the frequency┬áband. It makes babies feel ÔÇťat homeÔÇŁ. According to the research made by an american Doctor Harvey Karp, babies in a motherÔÇÖs womb are hearing sounds similar to roar of a vacuum cleaner ÔÇô not a lullabys or regular voices as we might think. Wombs are noisy and babies are used to the noises. ThatÔÇÖs why after being born complete silence feels for babies not natural ÔÇô they need white noise as in mommyÔÇÖs belly. It makes them relaxed, ease and helps them to fall asleep.

ItÔÇÖs very simple device ÔÇô operated with one push button placed on the top of the device. It has 5 different white noise and lullaby sounds installed, which let you choose between them. Each sound plays for 50 minutes than device is turning off automatically and passes to sound sensor mode.

With same button you can: change the sound, regulate the volume, turn on sound system mode ÔÇô which will activate after baby cries or other loud noises appears around it.

You may ask whatÔÇÖs special about the device?

Ok, first of all it works ÔÇô it has been checked on the new born babies. Due to the sounds it makes, babies are getting relaxed quickly and falling asleep easier and faster. ┬áIt also works on colic children ÔÇô which might be a huge relief for sleepless nights for all the parents.

It has an automatic timer, which plays sound for 50 minutes then device automatically passes to sound sensor mode. Sound can be turned on automatically or manually due to parents needs. After activating sound sensor the device will start shoushing whenever baby cries or other loud noises appears around it. ItÔÇÖs the first white noise device patent pending in Turkey.

Plush Budizz Bear is made out of safe, very soft velboa. ItÔÇÖs easy to clean which makes it very friendly for use by the smallest babies. It grows together with your baby. Later on this lovable cookie bear will become your babyÔÇÖs first friend. ItÔÇÖs CE certified and can be distributed all over the World.

Nighty night,

Sylwia Regulska ÔÇô G├╝ney

Founder at Budizzz.com

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