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Newborn Baby Gifts

When the new babies of our loved ones are born, “What gift do you get for newborn babies?” The question immediately pops up in our minds. From baby shower gifts to newborn baby gifts, we have a hard time deciding and choosing a gift. We come across so many products under the titles of both baby girl gifts and baby boy gifts that we are surprised at what gift we buy and how we make our loved ones happy. So, what should we pay attention to when buying gifts for our loved ones' baby girls or boys? As the Budizzz family, we think that the most important point in newborn baby gifts is quality, and baby gifts should be a product that the baby can use and love for a long time. Well, what are our options then?

The Most Interesting Baby Gift: Sleeping Companion

This gift can be very suitable as a welcome baby gift, especially when going to a baby shower or seeing a baby; because when babies open their eyes to the world, their 9-month-old habits / patterns suddenly change and they have a lot of sleep problems. Used to sleep training babies, these sleep companions provide convenience to many parents and can be used as both baby girl gifts and baby boy gifts. However, many sleep companions refer only to plush toys and are suitable for use after 4 months, when the baby can sleep training; Budizz sleepmate, on the other hand, is with babies from the first moment they are born, as it contains a device with a cry sensor containing white noise sounds. Thanks to the white noise sounds that accompany babies for 9 months in the womb, newborn babies adapt to the world much faster and have less sleep problems. In fact, studies show that 80% of newborn babies fall asleep within 5 minutes by listening to white noise sounds. For this reason, a sleep companion with white noise sounds is the perfect baby birth gift. In addition, Budizz sleep companion can be a good option for those looking for interesting baby gifts.

The Most Functional Newborn Gift: Baby Gift Set/ Box

One of the most useful newborn baby gifts is baby gift sets. Although it is not seen as an interesting baby gift like a sleeping companion, it can be preferred in terms of the benefits it provides. When buying a newborn gift, choosing these baby gift sets containing the important products that babies will need when they are born can be a savior for many new baby parents. In addition, the baby gift box can be a savior in cases where the gender of the baby is not yet known; because it is suitable for both baby girl gift and baby boy gift.

Functional baby gift boxes/sets usually contain important items such as blankets or baby towels for newborn babies and are gifts that your loved ones can use for a long time. So, what should we pay attention to when choosing a gift set for babies?

The Most Known Baby Gift: The Book for Babies

It is stated by many experts that both language and cognitive skills of children who listen to books from the mother's womb, play games with books and engage in books during the process of exploring the world are positively affected. Books, which can be preferred as both a baby boy gift and a girl baby gift, can be friendly to the little ones from infancy to childhood, even before they are born. For this reason, they can be preferred as both a baby shower gift and a welcome baby gift.We strongly recommend the book “Budizz and Kuki: A Day of Two Heroes” by Sylwia Regulska Güney, especially for babies with Budizz sleep companions; because "Reading is as good as sleeping"

Things to Consider When Choosing a Baby Gift Set

We, as the Budizzz family, think that the most important issue in choosing a newborn gift set is quality. Although there are many products under the newborn gift set, we recommend that you pay attention to the quality of the materials used and especially the fabric types before buying. For example, we, as the Budizzz family, do not compromise on the quality of muslin cover and baby towels in the baby gift sets we have carefully created.

Baby covers, which are used as baby mouth cloths, stroller covers or swaddle cloths, are produced from many different fabrics; However, the covers made of muslin fabric, which has been used for swaddling babies since Ancient Egypt, shine among other baby blankets thanks to their soft texture and anti-bacterial feature. This product, which you can find in Budizz baby gift sets, not only does not harm the sensitive skin of our little ones, but also allows their skin to breathe and prevents them from sweating. In addition, the baby towels in Budizz gift sets are also made of 100% cotton and are the right choice for dear little ones.

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