Budizzz Smart Sleep Aid with Cry Sensor - 6 Different White Noises


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The smart sleep companion that puts your baby to sleep in just 5 minutes More

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The most useful newborn baby gift

Budizzz smart sleep aid is a sleep companion / aid for babies that is suitable to use from birth and it also has a white noise device with 6 different sound options. Budizzz smart sleep aid with crying sensor, which is activated when your baby cries, includes 6 different calming white noise and lullaby sounds that help your baby fall asleep better and more comfortably. The white noise sounds made by the Budizzz sleeping companion are also suitable for use by children and adults. It can be used as a white noise device, especially in situations that require mental comfort such as studying, meditation, focusing or falling asleep.

Sound Options:

  • Heartbeat in the womb
  • White noise with heartbeat
  • Sea waves sound
  • Hair dryer sound
  • Slap sound
  • Lullaby

Features of Budizzz Smart Sleep Aid

  • Suitable for use from birth; all its features, from size to sound level, have been adjusted in line with the limits set by experts for newborn babies.
  • The included white noise device has been proven to put 80% of babies to sleep easily within 5 minutes.
  • In addition, unlike many sleep companions, it is also used to prevent crying crises and sleep problems of colic babies.
  • The masking feature of white noise device prevents babies from waking up due to outside noises.
  • The smart crying sensor, which is activated when babies cry, not only helps babies calm down and fall asleep again, but also prevents their sleep from being interrupted.
  • Also, the sound device provides 50 minutes of uninterrupted sound and turns itself off automatically after on.
  • Budizzz smart sleep aid's sound device does not exceed 50 decibels, recommended by doctors for baby health, and are not likely to harm your baby like the white noise sounds you use via electronic devices or the internet.
  • The volume function of the white noise device helps you adjust different sound levels according to your needs.
  • When the sound mode is on, the device remembers and reuses the last sound selected by the parent.
  • The teether of the Budizzz sleep aid is made of silicone, considering the health of babies.
  • Thanks to the silicone teether, your baby can sleep peacefully even during teething periods.
  • The products used in its production have been carefully selected considering that the little ones try to figure out everything in the world by ltasting them. That's why antibacterial velboa fabric is used.
  • The hanger bracket allows you to take and use the product wherever you want. Thus, you can prevent your baby's sleep pattern from being disturbed during travels and holidays as well.
  • The plush teddy bear can be washed by hand or machine at 30 degrees after removing the sound device.
  • The plush bear is the doctor's recommended 25cm size for newborn babies.


1 x Budizzz Plush Teddy Bear ¹

1 x Budizzz Teether

1 x Smart Crying Sensor²

1 x User Manual

¹ Budizzz size 25 cm, suitable for children aged 0-3, has CE certificate.

² The audio unit works with 3 AAA batteries, and the batteries are our gifts.


Box 20 x 11 x 30 cm

Budizzz Smart Sleep Aid 25 cm


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